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eBuy.com - It’s a Fact [eBay Buy.com Partnership]

by Mark on May 3rd, 2008

And I’m sure it confirms what many sellers were thinking…

eBay partners with Buy.com

“eBay has entered into a partnership with Buy.com that will see them move all of Buy.com’s new and in-season inventory onto their eBay store in the coming weeks. Terms of the deal are not being disclosed publicly but the messages I’m hearing echo recent themes coming out of eBay presentations focusing on a better buyer experience and moving toward a more retail-like experience. eBay spokesperson, Usher Lieberman, provided Randy and I with the following:”

“eBay is aggressively using price as a lever to improve the value and selection on eBay.com. Consistent with our goals, we have entered into a partnership with Buy.com to bring their new-in-season merchandise onto eBay.com. We expect to learn a great deal from this partnership and we will build upon the results.”

Themes coming out of eBay presentations? Moving towards a more retail-like experience? Wow eBay… I don’t think your sellers can mistake that message! Adding to it that now you’re joining forces with a very large retail operation? I think Ray Charles could see what you’re doing. Consistent with whose goals?

It’s certainly not about a “few disenchanted, sour-grapes sellers” or feedback manipulation, now, is it? Good God- that spin is as bad as any political hogwash.

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