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Archive for June 2006

June 29th, 2006

Improve your Conversion Rate

Dave Child posts an interesting article that offers “Ten Ways To Improve Your Website Conversion Rate“.
If you’ve been in the Internet business at all, you’ll know that converting vistors to sales is important to earn profit. Whether you run with affiliate programs or an online e-store, Dave’s post offers some useful insight.
My personal favourite (and […]

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June 27th, 2006

Duncan becomes CowBoy for a day

Not sure if anyone’s been following the Duncan vs Yaro glamour that’s occurred in the past few days so here’s a brief summary.
1) Yaro launches a post titled “How To Make Money With Blogs + AdSense - Free E-Book”
2) Duncan responds on EJ stating that how Joel Comm’s new product (Adsense templates) are pure Adsense […]

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June 27th, 2006

Lessons to be Learnt

I came across a blog by the name of blogtrepreneur, authored by a UK based fellow named Adnan. I had found his website via Yaro’s forums and was curious to read some of the content that can be found on his blog. Adnan is your classic entreprenuer, he has passion and a willing to learn.

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June 22nd, 2006

Starting a Blog - Where’s your home base?

When organisations are formed, whether it be a web 2.0 startup, religious or music group, it’s important to look at your home base.

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June 21st, 2006

Adsense Case study - FunnyVids.us

In the upcoming weeks I shall be posting to the Adsense Case Study category where I will be analyzing websites running adsense and advising the webmasters on how better to optimize their adsense adverts.
I will be advising in the following areas;

Adsense placement

The first case study will be a website that I have run for almost […]

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June 17th, 2006

Google’s goldmine - what can match it?

I’ve recently been reading up on a lot of adwords research for the few various projects that I have lined up. However it was Perry Marshall’s content that brought up something I had never thought about before.
Google is profiting heavily on human language.
Think about it, people are bidding on keywords and phrases so their advertisement […]

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June 14th, 2006

There ain’t no GoogleRankSecrets

I woke up this morning to find an email sitting in my inbox titled “James I Can’t Believe It!”.
Curious, I opened the email and found that Darren Gaudry’s GoogleRankSecrets eBook was reduced to $37 for the next 48 hours ONLY. Oh yeah, it also included 8 other eBook bonuses.
I got sucked in real bad.
Credit card […]

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June 9th, 2006

$100 in FREE Text Link Ads

Something I’ve taken advantage of recently is TLA’s special introductory deal. If your looking to play around with this awesome brokering system, or fancy some increased traffic (heck don’t we all?) then I suggest you head right on over and signup ASAP!
The minimum spend in your TLA shopping cart must be at least $125.00 in […]

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June 8th, 2006

Don’t do it because others are

A few months ago I went on a get rich quick rampage. I saw people making insane amounts of money with MySpace sites, so I started one and bought another. Two weeks passed and I hadn’t touched either site - I just .. wasn’t .. interested.
Sure MySpace is a huge market; a site that […]

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June 8th, 2006

Who gets Gawker?

Time for a ramble and this time I’ve chosen Gawker.
Is it just me or does Gawker make absolutely no sense to anyone but those that live in Manhattan? I’ve often skimmed through posts when its success has been outlined on other blogs, but it’s all Japanese to me. Its Reputation is no doubt outstanding and […]

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June 7th, 2006


As a uni student, I get to enjoy *sarcasm* public transport to and from university. It’s only in the past few months that I have realised that while public transport is slow and incovienent (sometimes), I actually enjoy it. I enjoy it because it gives me some ME TIME.

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June 5th, 2006

Why do blogs exist ?

My accounting lecturer one morning asked a question to the 400+ students that sat before him. It was a question that sparked a few brave souls to put up their hands and answer. So you can follow the story I had better tell you the question.
“Why do businesses exist?”
One brave student put up his hand […]

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June 5th, 2006

WorkBoxers ultimate RSS list

No blogging enthusiast should be without an RSS list like this.
This is my list.
Feel free to make it your list.
Please comment and leave your list.
Ultimate bloggers RSS List
http://www.jimboykin.com/feed/ (A must)

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June 3rd, 2006

Bloggers Don’t Click Adverts

A friend came to me recently and asked me why he wasn’t making much money from adsense. I asked him what his blog was about and he said blogging and how to make money online. I then proceeded to tell him the following;
If you’ve had any experience with running websites, tweaking ads […]

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June 2nd, 2006

Shareasale Affiliate Guide

Recently I joined the Shareasale program as an affiliate and so far am very impressed!
Shareasale is a marketing solutions group that offers an online based affiliate system to businesses. If you’re selling a product, Shareasale can provide you with an automated affiliate system that will help generate traffic to your website. Many people use Shareasale […]

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