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Archive for December 2007

December 30th, 2007

Net Neutrality Links 12-30-2007

Stan Schroeder leads us off with a bit of a fantasy post containing;
A Web 2.0 Christmas Fairy Tale
By Stan Schroeder
Net neutrality is strictly adhered to except on BitTorrent Day, a special day in the year when corporate customers get their bandwidth reduced to let the BitTorrent users leech 20% more stuff. And finally, the increased […]

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December 27th, 2007

Parlaying Their New Wealth Into Greater Riches

A Post-Google Fraternity of Investors
If you’re considering your own start-up business venture there appears to be a new group of folks seeking their own career change who are in a position to help;

“Some Google veterans hope to turn their loose affiliation into the next powerful network in Silicon Valley, where webs of money and […]

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December 26th, 2007

Find This Under Your Christmas Tree?

I’d like to put something together that offers new online money making resources that Santa might have brought to your house and placed under your tree for Christmas…
This might be one (affiliate link to follow);

Check it out here…
Tags: info-product-creation, info-product-dashboard, point-and-click, product-creation

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December 23rd, 2007

Do You Really Not Perceive This Is Happening?

Yes, this will be about Net Neutrality along with making money online. Folks, for the love of God, please, put these together and consider where you and all of us are moving and why there is such a hubbub from the Telecoms and broadband ISPs.

There is an unfathomable amount money to be made in this […]

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December 23rd, 2007

Net Neutrality Links 12-23-2007

Good grief! A new ridiculous demeaning term is coined, Telecom Trotskyite…
Striking writers in talks to launch Web start-ups
By The Home Office
That’s why we’re so strongly in favor of Net Neutrality — because without NN, these efforts will run into the same Big Media distribution roadblocks as television. The Writers strike has hastened that evolution, as […]

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December 22nd, 2007

Rich Media Measurement Guidelines

On Thurs. December 20th, the IAB released the final Rich Media Measurement Guidelines. A quick read of what this was about;
“The guidelines determine at which point a rich media ad impression is counted. Rich media ads are in formats that permit users to interact with them, as opposed to simply being animated. Rich media ad […]

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December 21st, 2007

From Bookkeeper To COO - Not Bad, Except…

She had a past that caught up to her…
It cost her the job and it might have cost the company it’s credibility at the worst possible moment!
Felon Became COO of Wikipedia Foundation
“The foundation that runs — and accepts donations for — the online encyclopedia Wikipedia neglected to do a basic background check before hiring a […]

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December 19th, 2007

You’ll Just Have To Work Harder To Win The $10 Million!

You’ll Just Have To Work Harder To Win The $10 Million!
You’d think that intelligent folk would understand that Google’s Android would require a developmental period as opposed to being ready to go out of the box.

Come on…
According to Scott Morrison of The Wall Street Journal and Adam MacBeth, Android is buggy so far. I agree […]

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December 17th, 2007

Are You An Information Worker?

Bill Gates says you are…
I’m thankful that I found this article. No matter what anyone thinks of Bill Gates I am certain that I’ll continue to respect a man who has had the type of enormous success he has had.
“If you look at how progress is made and where competitive advantage is created, there’s no […]

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December 17th, 2007

Look No Further Googs - I’ll Be Your CFO

Don’t take me seriously… :)
Help Wanted: A Vacancy In Google’s Top Ranks

Hey! I fit the qualifications!
There is one job the search giant seems to be having a hard time filling: chief financial officer.
Since August, the Mountain View, Calif., company has been looking for a replacement for retiring CFO George Reyes.
Although the prestige of working at […]

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December 16th, 2007

Net Neutrality Links 12-16-2007

I see my friend Mr. Cleland is up to his “normal” trick of attempting to diminish others to his benefit…
Wireless open access: happening or not?
Computerworld Australia - Australia
“Seems like carriers and content providers alike have been bitten by the open access bug. Big news recently was Verizon’s announcement that it plans to open up its […]

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December 15th, 2007

How Does Yahoo! Shortcuts Work?

From the FAQ’s;
As you compose your blog post, the Shortcuts plugin looks for content related to what you are writing about.

A Shortcut may lead your reader to a finance quote for a public company, a map of a point of interest, a Flickr image, or information about specific companies, products, and people. When it […]

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December 14th, 2007

Only The Knol Knows?

Quotes and Comments
Google introduces “Googlepedia” and many think its to replace “Wikipedia” …
I’ll agree with those who say its business. Google is a business doing whatever it can to stay at the top of the heap. What is wrong with that? They offer us better tools and information and more opportunities to make money. What […]

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December 13th, 2007

Yahoo! Shortcuts For WordPress (Beta) I

The video;
To quote Jeremy Zawodny: “It operates as an assistant in the background, looking for relevant links, images, and other shortcuts. Then, when you’re done writing, you can simply look through what it found and select what you’d like to keep.”

Download the plug-in. More about the plug-in.
Tags: Yahoo!-Developer-Network, Yahoo!-Plug-in-Video, Yahoo!-Shortcuts, Yahoo!-WordPress-Shortcuts

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December 12th, 2007


I see the well-known art form graffiti has made it to the Internet…
Or - to Google’s or your front door or “wall.”
That’s right, GRAFFITI. “A form of vandalism involving painted text or images in public places.”
VANDALISM - “Needless damage or destruction of property, usually someone else’s property or common or shared property.”
Now let us all […]

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