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How Does Yahoo! Shortcuts Work?

by Mark on December 15th, 2007

From the ;

As you compose your blog post, the Shortcuts plugin looks for content related to what you are writing about.


A Shortcut may lead your reader to a finance quote for a public company, a map of a point of interest, a Flickr image, or information about specific companies, products, and people. When it finds relevant content, it lets you know.

Shortcut recommendations appear on the Shortcuts review page. You control which Shortcuts to add and which to remove. There are two presentation options for Shortcuts.

  • You can display the Shortcut to readers as a term underlined with a blue dotted line that shows the related content when the reader’s cursor hovers over the term.
  • You can present the recommended content as a badge or image embedded in your post.

This Shortcuts plugin works best with English language blog posts.

Here is the plug-in recognizes including stock symbols and Flickr photos. There is also a . And you can still view the Developer Network screencast here.

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