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Sure - Trust A Telco - Go Ahead…

by Mark on May 5th, 2008

They are so incredibly brazen they throw the FCC’s rules back in their face upside down!

Despite the rules governing the 700 Mhz auction, Verizon has arrogantly decided that they are somehow not required to participate. Well, hell, that’s exactly what one ought to expect when there is a lawless administration, but that’s another story…

Google Accuses Verizon of Planning to Dodge 700 MHz Open Access Rules

Verizon has taken the public position that it may exclude its handsets from the open access condition. Verizon believes it may force customers who want to access the open platform using a device not purchased from Verizon to go through “Door No. 1,” while allowing customers who obtain their device from Verizon access through “Door No. 2.”

“When the FCC announced the open access requirements, Verizon asked the the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to find those conditions unlawful and only withdrew its appeal after that court denied Verizon’s request for an expedited review and after the wireless industry’s trade association, CTIA, filed a similar appeal”

Therefore, screw the court! Great attitude, and they somehow deserve credibility? Trust?

You may not like Google but, as in reality, thank God they exist!

“On Friday, Google urged the FCC to block Verizon Wireless’ $4.7 successful bid for the C Block band of spectrum in the recently completed 700 MHz auction unless Verizon is forced to agree that open access rules apply to handsets it provides its own customers. Specifically, Google claims that Verizon Wireless has no intention of abiding by the open access rules governing the C block spectrum for devices it gives to its own customers and that the FCC should condition Verizon’s grant upon a clear commitment that Verizon will not exclude these handsets from the requirement.”

Perhaps someone might want to check into how many Congressmen/lawyers/judges are in Verizon’s pocket? Oh, no, sorry, that sounds undemocratic…

Read more at Broadband Reports.

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2 opinions for Sure - Trust A Telco - Go Ahead…

  • WD Milner
    May 5, 2008 at 7:09 pm

    It isn’t just Verizon. Bell Canada is facing a lawsuit from its commercial customers for impeding their customer’s internet usage through their traffic shaping. WHat’s worse, and pathetic, is that Bella dmits to violating the regualtions bt shows no sign of ceasing to do so. I think telco’s in general have the same arrogance simply due to their position in the marketplace. It’s not right but it seems a fact of life. I think they all need not a slap on the wrist but a switch across the proverbial ar**.

  • Mark
    May 5, 2008 at 7:53 pm

    I don’t know WD. Somehow a switch across the ar** just doesn’t seem to cut it for me… :)

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