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Make eBay’s New Digital Download Policy Work For You

by Mark on April 8th, 2008

This is certainly worth passing along…

From the eBay Forums;

Make eBay’s New Digital Download Policy Work For You

An announcement offered by Deirdre from Community Development.

The recent change in the Digital Download policy has many sellers of items delivered by download confused and concerned about the viability of their businesses on eBay. Have no fear! Sellers of “delivery by download” merchandise now have an excellent opportunity to adjust their selling and marketing to increase their visibility and their potential sales. Brian Burke and Jim Griffith with be available during this workshop to provide tips and advice to all sellers of downloadable media on a range of related topics including:

* Exploring and highlighting the policy details
* Taking full advantage of the Classified Ad format
* Utilizing effective marketing and promotion of your content items
* Offering content on physical media to boost sales
* How to make sure your all you digital content listings are in full compliance with eBay policy

Brian and Griff will also answer any question or concern you might have about the recent policy change.

This is going to happen this coming Friday, April 11th from 2:00pm - 3:00pm (Pacific Time) on the Workshop Discussion Board. (Time Zone Converter)

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1 opinion for Make eBay’s New Digital Download Policy Work For You

  • PortraitPro.net
    May 6, 2008 at 8:53 pm

    I wonder how many peopla are really pissed off with ebay???? eBay is now alienating producers of low cost downloadable items! They are so pissed that some of us have original ideas, and products, and can list thousands of them on eBay, for a nominal listing fee, and sell thousands of them through a store listing, without lifting a finger to ship them…..Now they have figured out a way to screw us…. its all about money….I used to be able to list a photo backdrop in my store for about $1.20 for 30 days listing, which automatically renewed….. now they want $9.99!!!! guess what ebay…you are going to alienate a large portion of your good sellers!!! I suggest we screw them! here is how:
    ebay only charges listing fees for the final value, and do not charge final value fees on shipping. I suggest listing your store item at .01 cent, and charging the the actual store item price as shipping….I also suggest explaining this in your item description so that you dont scare off your customer….futile? probably…but who knows…..

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