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eBay’s Digital Download Ban [The Competition Grows]

by Mark on April 11th, 2008

In the natural course of human events…

You anger your customers long enough and loud enough and they will rebel! Competition that you never heard of will also spring up out of nowhere. No one is immune to the forces of folks who want a different way to live and are willing to go to whatever lengths to find (or create) what they want.

Even if, in the past, you have altered your policies and gotten past those uproars. Even if you’ve been able to weather the loss of both sellers and buyers previously, there comes a line in the sand. If you cross that line you will pay the price. The trick is to make the determination where that line is and that is usually not to be done.

So, the comment arrives here and we discover new competition in an old suit;

Zipidee Extends a Welcome to all Former eBay Digital Good Sellers

zipidee.pngSAN FRANCISCO–April 10, 2008—“Zipidee, the Internet’s fastest growing digital media marketplace, announced today that it has expanded its scope of digital products to include eBooks. The announcement coincides with eBay’s recent decision to halt fixed price listings for digital goods, paving the way for eBook publishers, as well as sellers of digital video and audio files, to migrate their content to Zipidee.”

And the CEO is ready to take advantage of an opportunity he perceives;

“From its inception, Zipidee has embodied an open marketplace where video and audio creators have complete freedom to sell their digital products, at whatever price they choose, and in any category they want. Now we’re extending the same opportunity to eBook publishers,” said Henry Wong, Zipidee CEO. “eBay’s recent decision to de-list digital sellers from its auction and fixed price listings has created a huge opportunity for us.”

This press release informs us that;

“Zipidee provides digital content owners with a turnkey platform to create their unique online storefronts. The platform offers sellers marketing tools to promote their content, detailed reporting of all financial transactions, and the flexibility to set their own prices.”

Crunchbase adds;

“Zipidee is an online marketplace for your digital goods. It’s not the first, yet it will offer you the most control over the pricing and distribution of your assets.”

[Thank you Victor, your information is appreciated. Image found at Crunchbase]

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