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WordPress 2.2 Released

by kris on May 17th, 2007

WordPress has released version 2.2 for public download. Here’s a list of new features for the edition:

  • Improved comment editing
  • Widgets (no longer a plugin but available under Presentation tab)
    • Widget capability added to Default and Classic themes
    • Archives and categories widgets have option to display in pulldown box
  • Deactivate Plugins automatically
  • New Blogger Import
  • Fewer clicks and better user experience for upgrades
  • Improved login accessibility
  • Improved UI when deleting Drafts
  • Improved clarity regarding “Spam it:” and “Delete it:” in comment notification e-mails

Although the download is stable and believed to be free of any major bugs, I always wait for a week or so before downloading just to make sure there are no additional updates to the edition and that it will properly work with my plugins and theme. You can download Wordpress 2.2 here and find install instructions on this page. Although most people are perfectly capable of installing it if they take enough time out of their day I recommend installing InstantUpgrade and just clicking on the upgrade button whenever you’re good and ready to upgrade.


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