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eBay’s Digital Download Ban [Workarounds Arrive]

by Mark on March 31st, 2008

Unless and until eBay changes their now current policies I’m deciding that the shipment of a physical product is allowable and correct, as evidenced by some posters online…

The Warrior Forum (again).

Wherein we find links to a few excellent resources I’ve had the pleasure of discussing elsewhere :)

One is CafePress. From their Audio and Data page;

Sell professional quality Audio and Data CDs

Design your CD
We offer full-color direct printing on all CDs (no sticky labels here!).

Choose and Design Your Packaging
Choose from simple paper sleeves to retail ready jewel cases with full-color inserts and tray cards.

Add Your Content
Specify your track listing and mail us a master CD with your content. Once we receive your content, we’ll upload it and let you know when it’s ready. You can also upload your MP3s.

Perfect for: Music, Audio Presentations, Broadcast Content and more!

Tell us about your CD
Who better than you to generate excitement for your CD and help your customers make a buying decision? By tagging your CD, you’ll ensure its searchability in the Marketplace. Do this by adding keywords that describe both your CD’s content as well as your cover art.

Make Money
You set your own retail price over the CafePress.com base price and keep the difference. CafePress.com Audio base prices are:

Type of CD Base Price
CD with Paper Sleeve - $4.99
CD with Jewel Case and Inserts - $8.99

There are more… [Also posted here]

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