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The Flood Begins With The First Raindrop

by Mark on April 18th, 2008

Yeah, how profound eh? :)

“As the controversy surrounding eBay’s decision to compel sellers to use its PayPal service builds, a group of ex-power sellers have banded together and left eBay to launch their own auction site.”

A group is much more than a drop. They’re calling the new auction site “bang4bucks” and though the projected launch is May 1st. they have auctions running currently. That is probably because they’re actually using the Auctionia site right now and have “bang4bucks” framed in your browser. That has no negative inferences at all.

“Chief executive Debbie Williams, who has made her living from eBay during the past five years and is a power seller, hopes that over 500 sellers will be listing products and more than 5000 buyers will be active on the site in the first month.”

In spite of the fact that big outfits like eBay seem to generate an attitude of untouchability, which is why they make decisions with an attitude, this is a completely normal run-off reaction to what is perceived as greed and avarice, whether that is what it is or not.

“The global eBay community is worried that Australia is just a test market for a worldwide rollout of the PayPal policy and is watching the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission examination of the competition implications of the eBay action closely.”

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2 opinions for The Flood Begins With The First Raindrop

  • Jim
    Apr 19, 2008 at 8:42 pm

    If ebay sellers cant get it right to put a site together I will eat my jocks.

    Who knows the problems more than sellers (NO ONE) I will be supporting bang4bucks.com.au 100% already we are hearing more about this than other sites.

    go for it and support it Australia

  • Mark
    Apr 20, 2008 at 7:00 am

    Good deal Jim - go for it!

    Best wishes - everyone will be better off for it…

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