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One Small Step For Mankind

by Mark on March 27th, 2008

No, we’re not landing on the moon…

Comcast and BitTorrent are trying to work together to improve P2P. The gist of it begins at The WSJ then PaidContent offers an update.

From The WSJ;

“The companies are in talks to collaborate on ways to run BitTorrent’s technology more smoothly on Comcast’s broadband network, and allow Comcast to transport video files more effectively over its own network in the future, said Tony Warner, Comcast’s chief technology officer.”

Rafat at PaidContent offers a bit more;

“As part of the deal, rather than slow traffic by certain types of applications—such as file-sharing software or companies like BitTorrent and Vuze– Comcast will slow traffic for those users who consume the most bandwidth, the company said. The new policy would come into effect by later this year. BitTorrent will also work to optimize its software to run more effectively over Comcast’s network.”

And further info from Ashwin Navin, President of BitTorrent;

“1. Network management will be protocol agnostic & disclosed to consumers… and there will be no more connection resets.
2. Network architecture will be optimized for media delivery
a. Comcast is increasing capacity overall and particularly for upstream traffic (good for p2p)
b. Bittorrent is developing new client features to optimize for ISP networks (eg, cache discovery protocol)
c. Comcast/Bittorrent will jointly investigate a new network architecture for the benefit of our users (servers in the comcast network which will accelerate file transfer rather than impede it)
3. Openness: We will publish our findings and optimizations in open forums for the benefit of other ISPs and application developers… including our open source Bittorrent implementation.”

Work together - what a concept!

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