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AuctionAds, eBay Increase Payouts

by kris on May 18th, 2007

This past week eBay announced it would be boosting their affiliate program payouts on both new items and it’s revenue share tiers. This is good news for those who are eBay affiliates (of which I am not one) but this could mean bigger payouts for users of new startup AuctionAds . My new favorite ad network (next to AdSense) delivers eBay auctions in keyword targeted ads and gives you all of the payout. Here are the new payouts for AuctionAds :

Current payouts:

  • $22 per signup
  • 65% of revenue

New payouts (effective June 1st):

  • $35 per signup
  • 75% of revenue

For those unfamiliar with the program you input keywords for your ads and it returns auctions that match your keywords. Monthly payouts are made for everything $10 and above while amounts under the cut off are carried over to next month.

The new payout rate goes into affect for eBay and AuctionAds on June 1st.

(via TechCrunch)

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