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Fear? Think This Is A Stretch Do You?

by Mark on October 7th, 2007

Monks Are Silenced, and for Now, Internet Is, Too


Don’t think it could happen? The original story (and one that we all ought to pay life or death attention to);

“It was about as simple and uncomplicated as shooting demonstrators in the streets. Embarrassed by smuggled video and photographs that showed their people rising up against them, the generals who run Myanmar simply switched off the Internet.”

How about a different version, one that could strike home here;

It was about as simple and uncomplicated as shutting a group of websites down. Embarrassed by smuggled YouTube videos and Flickr photographs that showed their people complaining out loud against them, the executives who run MaBellGodTelcom simply switched off the Internet.

See if this sounds familiar…

Just In Time Filtering

“OpenNet Initiative, which tracks Internet censorship, has documented signs that in recent years several governments — including those of Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan — have closed off Internet access, or at least opposition Web sites, during periods preceding elections or times of intense protests.

The brief disruptions are known as “just in time” filtering, said Ronald J. Deibert of OpenNet. They are designed to quiet opponents while maintaining an appearance of technical difficulties, thus avoiding criticism from abroad.”

Oops, we’re so sorry, we didn’t mean to censor the Pearl Jam concert, it was our bad Technician.

Excuse me? You want to send what in a text message?

Ut Oh… nope, that download was excessive, sorry, your service is cancelled.

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