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Gannett and CSU’s Collegian [Readership Program Kerfuffle]

by Mark on April 2nd, 2008

It has taken me some time to return to this. Apologies to A. Rooney…

It’s been quite a while since my college days :)

To refresh - QuadrantOne, “an online advertising network … offering advertisers the means to book national campaigns through one portal, that will have a reach of as many as 50 million people a month across the country.”

The original comment from “anonymous.” (now approved)

The contention? That QuadrantOne isn’t what it originally appeared to be and is designed to “either take over your college newspaper if it has potential for profit or simply put it out of business.”

A on the topic. The March entries;

Big meet Nebraska paper state to be tight race.
17 Mar 2008 by Admin
If The Coloradoan were to take over The Collegian, only Gannett would win, The Daily Nebraskan, the campus newspaper at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Now we have to take one from K State. Last Friday, Nebraska s unicameral

Collegian and Gannett: It’s over
12 Mar 2008 by Lee Anne Peck, Ph.D.
The Student Press Law Center reports that Gannett and CSU are no longer talking about possible purchase of Collegian.

Gannett Gives Up On CSU’s Student Newspaper
7 Mar 2008
In the January 31 Message, J. David McSwane (pictured), the muckraking editor of Colorado State University’s Rocky Mountain Collegian newspaper, set off alarms over the possibility of Gannett purchasing the publication.

Colorado State University Campus Newspaper Says No to Gannett
6 Mar 2008
A Gannett pitch to form a partnership with the Colorado State University campus newspaper, the Rocky Mountain Collegian, and The Coloradoan in Fort Collins was turned down.

Colorado State rejects Gannett proposal
6 Mar 2008 by Rachele Kanigel
A proposed deal between Colorado State University’s student-run, nonprofit Rocky Mountain Collegian and the Gannett-owned Fort Collins Coloradoan is off, according to news reports. “We had one conversation with the university out there

Why the LA Times has nothing on the Rocky Mountain Collegian
5 Mar 2008 by MKM
Colorado State University junior and Rocky Mountain Collegian editor, who was informed in January that University administrators were considering forming a “partnership” between the student newspaper and Gannett. Say what?

The Eric Myers article at The Rocky Mountain Collegian and an earlier article by Eric.

I have some initial concerns about this. I read this from Rachel Feintzig and come away wondering;

“Media conglomerates have finally caught on to the success of college papers and since they can’t duplicate the formula in their own markets, they’ve decided to simply take over the markets themselves.”

Is this one person’s opinion? [I’m not finished - just done for now…]

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