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Amazon POD [Pause and Relax A Moment]

by Mark on April 1st, 2008

Might I suggest stepping back for just a moment or two and giving Amazon’s open letter some consideration…

They are trying to account for their actions. A better idea might have been to explain the change prior to implementation, but, what the hey. Mark Riffey’s right - “Wouldn’t it have been a better idea to contact all your publishers and authors BEFORE this flap? That way, you could explain what is about to happen, rather than creating a firestorm and having to respond in defense of actions that I suspect were not made on a whim. Get them in on the plan, get some feedback, find a win-win, and so on.”

Respect is certainly losing [lost?] its place in our society nowadays. Amazon didn’t cause that. Let’s forgive them and move on…

In a nutshell, this is the deal;

“Speed of shipping is a key customer experience focus for us and it has been for many years. Amazon Prime is an example of a successful and growing program that is driving up our speed of shipment with customers. POD items printed inside our own fulfillment centers can make our Amazon Prime cutoff times. POD items printed outside cannot.”

Of course customer satisfaction is the key! They simply neglected to remember that we’re all customers :)

Too many hat tips - most notable for me was Rebecca’s comment and Deborah Woehr’s March 31st entry. (Along with Mark’s above)

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