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eBay Listings Down, No, Up, No… Oh Who Knows?

by Mark on February 21st, 2008

Depends on who you’re reading or listening to I suppose.

This is one chart from Powersellersunite.com;


And it’s only for one day - today. There was a point, around 10am, that they had fallen about 900,000 for the day.

I think this graphic might be a bit more telling. Its from Tues., Feb. 19th;


This tells us that eBay’s listings have fallen over 2 million in the last two days. Do you think that’s a result of a boycott? There are other factors

“eBay had a special offer last Wednesday (the 13th) on listing fees which caused a surge in traffic. Because of the special offer the number of listings sky rocketed from 12 million up to 16 million, and those auctions are just starting to dissipate right now.”

Up, down, up, down. : “For its part, eBay has said the boycott “hasn’t had an impact” and that it was “too early to speculate” on whether the boycott would have any long-term effect.”

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