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ContentNext Media Job Boards

by Mark on February 16th, 2008

If you’re in the job market and your field is either digital media or mobile related, ContentNext has supplied you with a number of job boards to browse with global coverage.

ContentNext is an independent media and information company based in Santa Monica, California, covering the business of digital media.”

PaidContent.org Job Listings;

“The digital world’s most highly targeted recruitment center. No other job board connects the best digital media professionals with top positions at leading-edge companies.”

Moconews.net Job Listings;

“The mocoNews job listings primarily focus on business jobs in the mobile sector.”

PaidContent:UK Job Listings;

“The paidContent.co.uk job listings primarily focus on business jobs in the digital media and mobile sectors.”

ContentSutra Job Listings;

“The ContentSutra job board is a marketplace to match top digital media professionals with leading firms and recruiters across India and South Asia.”

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