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February 21st, 2008

eBay Listings Down, No, Up, No… Oh Who Knows?

Depends on who you’re reading or listening to I suppose.
This is one chart from Powersellersunite.com;

And it’s only for one day - today. There was a point, around 10am, that they had fallen about 900,000 for the day.
I think this graphic might be a bit more telling. Its from Tues., Feb. 19th;

This tells us […]

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February 20th, 2008

From “eBay Bans Sellers from Leaving Negative Feedback for Buyers” at Auctionbytes;
“eBay said the current system prevents buyers from leaving honest Feedback as they fear retaliation from the sellers if they leave a negative. ‘This makes it hard for buyers to distinguish between sellers while making bidding or buying decisions. In addition, when buyers receive […]

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February 18th, 2008

eBay Boycott Began Today

This appears to be a lesson in how to pi** off the most folks in the shortest period of time… outside of politics :)
I say this because something piqued my interest (a phone call from Auction Success Group which is now another topic for another time) so I decided to do some research and wound […]

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