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Approaching The Height Of Arrogance!

by Mark on June 18th, 2008

Even though the Australian government told eBay they could not implement their PayPal only plan this month, that the ACCC would make a final determination whether this would be approved or not, eBay insists;

Developments In eBay Plan To Go PayPal Only

“The Australian IT website reported that eBay Australia sent a “strongly worded” letter this week to users warning that failure to comply with the new policy would result in an immediate removal of product listings and repeatedly emphasizing the deadline.”

After they told everyone that the date for implementation of the new policy would be pushed back to July. So, eBay feels powerful enough to countermand the Australian government though they had said they would work with the ACCC to come to an amicable solution.

Solution be damned - full speed ahead - we care not about your ACCC - height of obnoxiousness.

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