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Bush - Positive - Legacy

by Mark on January 28th, 2008

Putting those three words in the same sentence ought to earn you… a night in purgatory or something similar. That is almost the same as putting “Scott Cleland” “Net Neutrality” and “Truth” together.

From “In State of the Union, Bush to begin framing legacy”

“After all, few people still are looking to Bush for political leadership, says George Edwards III, a presidential scholar at Texas A&M University. Only about one-third of the country approves of his job performance. A majority of Americans believe that beginning the war in Iraq was a mistake, according to many polls. Many voters have tuned out the White House to focus on the contenders for the 2008 presidential election, Dr. Edwards says.

‘He’s got very little political capital,’ says Edwards of Bush.”

On another war front, Erik Larkin tells us;

Hackers Rig Google to Deliver Malware
The latest malware trend should prompt you to think twice about the links you click next time you search.

“If last November you googled one of thousands of innocuous and common search terms, such as ‘Microsoft excel to access’ or ‘how to teach your dogs to fetch,’ you were in line for an Internet attack that infects PCs with spam senders, password stealers, and other kinds of nasty malware.

Beginning on November 24 and continuing for less than a week, bad guys loaded up more than 40,000 Web pages with malicious software and thousands of common search terms. They then employed an automated network of malware-infected computers–known as a botnet–to link to those sites in blog-comment spam and other places. The mentions elevated the position of the poisoned sites in search results, often to the first page.”

To prove that old news can still be current news, Matthew Macdonald offers us;

Use Google Apps to Build Your Business

“Google is synonymous with searching the Web, but search isn’t the company’s sole focus. Google also provides top-notch services that other businesses can use to improve their Web presence, reach new customers, and make boatloads of money.

Google’s most important services include , which allows you to reach new customers with paid advertisements; , which lets you monetize a content-based site by hosting other people’s ads; and , which helps you track key information about your Web site’s visitors–and how they interact with your site’s content.

If you’re looking to grow your Web site’s reach, it can be vital to use one or all of these services. They can be fairly complex, but once you’ve mastered the basics, you should be on the road to building up your business.”

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