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Every Thread Has Incredible Value!

by Mark on June 23rd, 2008

I am taking this upon myself…

If you want to learn how to be an Internet Marketer;

Allen Says, the owner of the Warrior forum, has made a new forum available where you can find real value in each and every thread posted.

It’s called [drum roll… :)] - The Warrior Private Membership Forum

That link won’t get you in - you’ll need to pay a one off fee that started at $20 and will be going higher. This is without a doubt the best $20 I have ever spent online and I only joined last night. Of course, I’ve been a Warrior forum member for a bit of time…

Whether you’re a current Warrior forum member or not, you can use this link to join.

Why would this be so valuable I would endorse it without Allen Says knowing I am? Every Internet marketer who has a recognizable “name” will be adding an invaluable thread chock full of tips and wisdom to this forum. You can’t help but learn something worth far more than the initial membership fee, without any doubt whatsoever!

The free ebooks that Allen offers are worth more than the membership by themselves alone!!!

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