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Who Ought To Ping Ping-O-Matic? You, Or Me?

by mark on July 16th, 2007

Okay, I write a post. I put a lot of effort into this post through research and editing. I publish it and my Blog platform, if it is set up this way, pings Ping-O-Matic to notify them of the existence of this entry. Seems to me I earned the right to do that.

OTOH, I visit your site, read one of your posts then for whatever reason I may have, decide to visit Ping-O-Matic and find that you somehow manipulated me into attempting to ping your post for you. From my visit, not from your hard work, but simply for the fact that I went to your page on your Blog? How many other folks have you misled in this manner?


Yet, you don’t consider this spammy? You even have the audacity to question the integrity and the decisions of the Blog owner - yeah, the fellow who afforded you the opportunity to write there - as to what degree of blatant pervasiveness he ought to allow in the comments (your comments riddled with the “f” word)?

Wow and Good Grief… And yet you say “this benefits users” with such ease. Incredible.


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