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Selling Off Some Sites

by Paul on June 2nd, 2005

I am sure the majority of people here do not read the Sitepoint forums so I will just let you know that I am selling some of my old sites that I don’t really do anything with anymore.

Here is the thread with all the details.

Why sell them? Basically I need to trim the fat for what I own. With the 9rules network and my other high profile sites I am finding that the more time I invest in them the more I can make now instead of worrying about trying to build up the smaller sites. This also goes a long way in simplifying my life.

If you are interested I can also throw in the other Amazon sites: JVault, Powertools Vault and Furniture Vault.

I am sure you can see the potential of Web Drug Database and Big Money Tips. Sorry for the rushed entry, but I have to head out the door and wanted to get this out.

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8 opinions for Selling Off Some Sites

  • B. Adam
    Jun 3, 2005 at 9:34 am

    From a pure business standpoint, does you selling off the Amazon sites mean they don’t make any real money? Just curious. I’ve always wondered if the time people put into Amazon affiliate sites actually gave them anykind of return or not.

    Oh, and I just can’t help it, Scrivs — you’re a Website Redneck ;)

  • Scrivs
    Jun 3, 2005 at 1:10 pm

    You can still make money from them, but not by just putting them up by themselves I think.

    And yes, sadly, I am a website redneck.

  • David
    Jun 3, 2005 at 3:18 pm

    If I had the money, then maybe I would take some of what you got, but alas I don’t. Good luck with the sale, and can’t wait to see what you do next.

  • Ryan Latham
    Jun 4, 2005 at 1:06 am

    At least Scrivs has one up on me…at least he for the most part has domains he actually uses. I’m sure he has a couple registered that he doesn’t use, but I was just discussing this with someone the other night:

    I think I own more domains than most registars. I just bought one last night, and one as I was typing this out. Although for once I did register a usefull one yesterday:


    It’s going to do what it says.

  • Joe Maddalone
    Jun 4, 2005 at 5:20 pm

    Dupe content got you down?

    I notice so many people running from AWS like the plague latley… and I can see the efforts of Google with all this “particular-edition data” showing up in the results now… but as far as escaping duplicate content it’s just a matter of time before the term “amazon data obfuscation” becomes a footnote to all this nonsense…

    Simple algorithms will solve the Google problem… at some point Google’s solution will be to remove those guilty of the original offense completley… then we just need new domain names. They simply can’t keep up forever.

    Google = Hypocrites

  • Anthony
    Jun 5, 2005 at 1:44 am

    Why are Google hypocrites? I don’t get it. Isn’t their job to provide internet users with the most relevant search results? Isn’t a SERP with 50 out of of 100 sites all promoting a book being sold through Amazon repetitive and therefore less relevant which is something they should try to avoid?

  • Joe Maddalone
    Jun 5, 2005 at 2:40 am

    The point is that Google has become very critical of others doing exactly what their example has led us to do.

    Do you really think Google would have a problem if all that content was coming through Froogle instead of Amazon?

    And, honestly do you think Google feels as much a responsibilty to the average internet user as they do to their newfound shareholders?

    I do think it was once that way, but the agenda has definitley changed, as required, given the changes in the company itself.

  • James
    Jun 11, 2005 at 4:35 am

    Man, I would really love to have had the money to take http://webdrugdatabase.com
    Alas, I’m as poor as paint, and dumber than it.

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