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eBay - Safe Payments [Require Positive Attitude]

by Mark on April 10th, 2008

They set it up for what may eventually be revealed as a totally self-centered corporate profit generating attitude but it doesn’t mean that you are required to react with a negative attitude towards their policies!

What they said;

Safe Payments Requirements
Last January, Bill announced that all new sellers would be required to offer PayPal or a merchant credit card as a safe payment option. This requirement gives buyers a higher degree of protection when transacting with sellers who have little or no track record.

This year we’re expanding this requirement to the following sellers:

* a small number of sellers who have the worst buyer dissatisfaction rates
* sellers with less than 100 feedback
* sellers who list in certain categories with higher rates of buyer complaints.

Also, for a small number of these transactions paid with PayPal, when eBay suspects the transaction may result in a dissatisfied customer, PayPal will delay release of the payment funds to the seller until the buyer has left a positive feedback or 21 days have passed without a dispute.

I’d like to put context around this last detail for our good sellers: Sellers with an established track record and more than 95 percent satisfied buyers in the last 30 days will not have funds held. And, sellers on eBay will continue to receive the vast majority of payment funds much faster than other marketplaces.

What they didn’t say was “required to offer only PayPal! They gave an alternative…


eBay mandates PayPal as sole electronic payment method

Email received from eBay Australia 10 April 2008:

“From 17 June you [sellers] will only be able to offer PayPal on your listings and pay on pick up (i.e. paid for when picking up the item).

“Pay on pick up can only be offered in conjunction with PayPal. No other payment methods will be permitted.”

Australian eBayers erupt… then again, they’ve apparently been told PayPal is all they can use!

This flap really confirms thoughts of mine from years ago - policies can be controlled from power - you have to have the power. How do you gain the power? Use the existing system to its fullest! Become successful beyond anything these powers could imagine! Then, you’ll be able to dictate to them. If, indeed, they are in the wrong, a new power will arise out of their ashes. In that case you’ll need patience and alternatives. You can find both! But negativity is self-defeating. Avoiding the issue, running from the issue, whining incessantly, will not help you gain your goals, it will only hurt you.

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