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The Blog Council: Bad From One Point of View

by Mark on December 6th, 2007

In reply Duncan - simply put, after a brief scan of their web site Blog Council, it is nothing more than a measure to offer protection for large corporations when smaller Bloggers and upstarts and whistleblowers express opinions or offer facts leading to unfavorable “press” about one of these Blog Council members.


5. Why is this a private group? Isn’t blogging about being public?
Every member of the Blog Council is already openly involved and active in the blogging community. They also face a very specific set of challenges unique to large companies. The Blog Council affords them a chance to talk with each other, share ideas, and learn how others have fared in similar situations. Ultimately, it’s less about privacy and more about staying focused.

They’ll share, discuss and then arrive at solutions to their bad press (specific set of challenges unique to large companies) then no doubt offer up some level of spin or even outright damaging statements about the folks who they perceive damaged them (how others have fared in similar situations).

Just as you say: “The crux of the idea is that big businesses can get together and talk blogging, from the challenges corporate blogging presents from a governance perspective, through to management and policy development.”

Governance - “the accountability for: consistent, cohesive policies, processes and decision rights.”

Management - “The process of determining the maximum acceptable level of overall risk to and from a proposed activity.”

Policy - “a course of action thought to be prudent or advantageous.”

Protection through organization and numbers…

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