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How Successful Are Boycotts - Really?

by Mark on April 28th, 2008

May 1st is the date!

Sellers say they’ll boycott eBay and now writers will be boycotting Amazon.

Funny, but I find the news about Amazon strange. On one hand some say they’re “Standing Tall” and on another hand others say their . Causing wonder and amazement :) Actually it appears that profit margins are suffering.

Meanwhile PowersellersUnite offers information and hope for the eBay sellers regarding the boycott there.

eBay may also be feeling some sense of loss on Wall Street but it doesn’t feel too strong from this report or from this article telling us only that “eBay’s core auction business continues to stagnate.”

eBay words of arrogance?

So what’s the deal folks? Can you put something together that either proves or disproves that these boycotts can or will diminish either of these companies in any way?

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