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New Forum: Buying And Selling A Web Site

by Mark on April 29th, 2008

And I found our CEO hanging out there! :)

New Forum: How To Buy and Sell A Web Site at Sitepoint which Shayne Tilley calls “a dedicated place on the SitePoint forums for people to share their own experiences in buying and selling websites.”

The first thread is a sticky from catweasel, “Advice For Buyers” and offers some helpful advice, including;

Google is your friend

  • Make liberal use of google. If the site has a 1800 number google it, maybe there are duplicates.
  • Select a bunch of text from the site and google it to check for unique content.
  • Google the sellers name and email address.
  • Google the site name plus the word ’scam’ to see if the site has a bad reputation.
  • Google info:www..com to gain further information such as inbound links, number of indexed pages etc.

And much more…

Look who I found hangin’ out here - where does he find the time?

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