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I Enjoy Positive Thinkers - Do You?

by Mark on April 12th, 2008

Perhaps that title might be a bit misleading - or - not - this pertains specifically to the Amazon/Booksurge chaos but can be applied throughout all of life…

Angela Hoy has in response to her follow-up article about the Amazon “policy” changes. (Has anyone noticed all these policy changes by the hot shots large, successful corporations lately?)

One in particular caught my eye because it says the gentleman speaks from 30 years of experience in the publishing field. Hal Zina Bennett speaks to the realities of having Booksurge publish your work and says: “Two of the authors I’ve worked with did their books through Booksurge. Both were absolute disasters. I would never have anything to do with Booksurge again.”

That appears to be simply a statement of fact based on experience. What he says next is where I find the true nature of the motivation of human beings;

“Amazon’s move to require us to use Booksurge is going to do one thing–give those of us in independent publishing a new push in the second leg of alternative publishing, that is, to bring more readers to our websites and introduce them to the real adventure of browsing for the thousands of books available from non-mainstream channels.”

Mr. Bennett adds;

“Amazon’s move with Booksurge will ultimately hurt them. But it will also push authors, publishers and readers in the direction of seeking alternatives to Amazon. That’s good news for most of us. Amazon has been a good service, in spite of its many flaws, but their strange affair with one of the worst POD companies on the internet is surely going to hurt them in the long run. It has certainly fanned the passions of many of us in publishing to develop new marketing, new technologies, and a new consciousness to take the next step.”

Reminds me of an old saying - “I don’t get mad, I get even.”

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