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Google Targeted Again [Codename: Project Canoe]

by Mark on March 10th, 2008

Anytime telcos or cable companies merge their efforts it becomes scary to me…

In this case, they’re doing it to target Google once again. All’s fair in love and profit eh?

[H/T PaidContent]

Cable Firms Join Forces to Attract Focused Ads

“In an effort to slow Google’s siphoning of advertising dollars away from television, the nation’s six largest cable companies are making plans for a jointly owned company that would allow national advertisers to buy customized ads and interactive ads across the companies’ systems.”

Allowing for the level of paranoia our current administration has developed within me, I didn’t miss this;

“Cable companies have the ability to compile better data on users than Internet companies can glean, which could make focused ads on television more effective, according to Craig Moffett, a senior analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Company. It also makes the data that Project Canoe will collect from set-top boxes a valuable asset.”

Which simply serves to remind me of this article from The EFF: “New Telecom Whistleblower Describes Possible Gateway for Massive Surveillance of Wireless Communications”

“Three powerful House Commerce Committee Chairmen strongly urged their colleagues Thursday to defer acting on requests for retroactive immunity and to demand more information from the White House and the telecommunications companies in the wake of disclosures by another whistleblower that the government apparently has been granted an open gateway to wireless communications by a major telecommunications company”

Things that make me go - hmmmmm???

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