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International Chargeback Reports Agency

by Mark on February 27th, 2008

chargebackreportslogo.gifIf you’re selling anything, anywhere, online, this has the potential to be a valuable resource for you…

International Chargeback Reports Agency

“International Chargeback Reports Agency is a non-profit organization designed to help sellers around the globe report illegal chargebacks and fraudulent Internet sales. It is 100% free to report and to search. For the first time, international sellers can unite in their fight against fraud by using a database collection of recorded chargebacks which can be used to verify a transaction prior to shipping.”

Certainly sounds worthwhile to me. And, of course, that’s not all;

“Chargeback Reports in an attempt to stop repeated violators will help in any investigation by the request of Interpol, local and international police authorities. The system will generate a risk probability report based on the amount of information provided by other sellers and the amount of information provided by you during your investigative inquiry. The risk probability will be used in a multi-level scoring system. Depending on the amount of information provided by a seller investigating a buyer, the more detailed the scoring level. Using this method of verification, all personal information is kept confidential while only providing a scoring level based on the amount of information received.”

[Motivated by a comment at Power Sellers Unite in relation to the latest eBay chaos.]

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