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Please - Keep It On Blogger!!!

by Mark on June 3rd, 2007

Please, keep your Blog on Google’s Blogger, please?

If you buy your own hosting and install your own Wordpress you’ll become more competition and those of us using WP don’t want or need anymore of that! Besides, don’t you realize that installing your own Wordpress has become so simple that almost anyone can do it? With cPanel and Fantastico… which most hosts provide.

And - the instructions are terribly confusing and chaotic too! Heck, no one but a verrrrry young person ought to attempt to read those directions and install WP without cPanel, ya’ know?

If you keep your Blogs on Blogger you’ll get to do what you do each and every morning, non-stop. What’s that? Well, the first thing you do is check to see if your Blogs are still there or if they’ve been blocked or stopped, or deleted. I mean, isn’t that the most fun part of your day? Or…

Perhaps the best part of your day is the moment when your opportunity to whine comes? Something like this: “Man, everytime you think you’re starting to get somewhere, something else tries to block you. This is ridiculous.” Right?

Maybe I’m missing one other item - are you one of those Bloggers who reports in to the Marketers’ forums and is determined to offer your defense of the benefits of Blogger? “Google indexes your Blog faster if you use Blogger!” Oy… Or… “Its much simpler to add Adsense to a Blogger Blog!” Vey…

Not to forget that it must be obvious to all that the profit to be made from “buying” and then selling a Blogger Blog has just climbed through the roof of insanity, right? Isn’t everyone making obscene zillions flipping Blogger Blogs?

While those of us who keep using that Wordpress platform continue plodding along, trudging to the day when we might make a few shekels. Hmmmm…


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