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Legal Blogging

by kris on May 8th, 2007

No I’m not talking about blogging about legal issues! The issue at hand has been raised many many times and will continue to be raised as long as blogging remains a popular medium. The issue is the legal status of certain blogging practices and the lack of concrete answers on many topics. Here is a condensed list of 12 legal issues surrounding blogging from the Aviva Directory:

  1. Disclosure of paid posts
  2. Deep linking
  3. Legal uses of images and thumbnails (copyrights)
  4. Protection from content thieves
  5. Domain name trademarks
  6. Private date privacy
  7. Ownership/deletion of content
  8. Blog comments
  9. Tax laws
  10. LLC vs. Inc (and the legalities of both)
  11. Spam
  12. Are bloggers journalists (legally?)

Even as I write this I can think of many more questions that blogging has created making this a great topic for a series of upcoming posts with each tackling a specific issue including what it is, if it applies, and how it is managed. This was meant to get you thinking about legalities of online content. Wait to form your conclusion until after you hear the facts in the upcoming series on the legalities of blogging.

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