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The 7 Levels of Revenue

by admin on May 5th, 2007

A coworker of mine here at b5 and advertising guru Chad Randall has listed a countup of the seven levels of revenue for your blog. Here’s a barebone version of the list:

  • Level 1: Google Adsense
  • Level 2: Affiliate Programs
  • Level 3: Ad Networks
  • Level 4: Automated Text Links
  • Level 5: Fixed Text Links Ads
  • Level 6: Graphical Banner Ads
  • Level 7: Fixed Monthly Sponsors

I agree with Chad’s list as a whole although in my experience most blogs do not have a full 7 levels as some of them simply will not make sense for the type of niche you are in. Some blogs may find there are no affiliate programs on their topic, their ad slots do not fill, or adsense ads are poorly targeted.

For a complete description of the 7 levels visit Chad’s blog.

(via ProBlogger)

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